July 13, 2016

Press Kit


“I just want to show my art.” Cuban Rain

Cuban Rain is an infectious artist hailed by Platinum Bars as “Captivating, distinctive, and a timeless perfection.” Cuban is a trailblazing performer of hip-hop music and has collaborated with some of the best in hip-hop. He has performed across the globe, giving music lovers a compelling and persuasive performance to remember. While some artists are seeking fame and spotlight, Cuban Rain has a more meaningful outlook: genuinely leaving a mark, expressing himself with a great vision and with lots of passion. It’s not about the money or the fame: it’s about the art first.

Cuban Rain started rapping when he was just seven years old, and what was a hobby became so much more: over the years, he refined his natural talent and found a way into the music industry, at first working as a promoter and representative for several major labels. When Cuban is not being a very busy and sought-after performer, Cuban can be found producing, writing, and creating films.

Currently, he owns and operates his own company, Yasah Entertainment, as he helps fellow talented artists achieve the success they deserve. As a rapper, Cuban Rain is well-known for his thought-provoking lyrics and open-minded attitude, as well as for the excellent production values of his tracks.

Winter Tour

  • California
  • Chicago
  • Oklahoma
  • Texas
  • New York

“Cuban Rain is a standout artist with music intelligence that goes beyond this generation. Every generation gives us a plethora of musicians who are before their time. Cuban Rain is an artist who is ahead of his time.”

-Martin Mitchell (House of Kings Entertainment)

“A timeless artist that speaks to all generations, there is something in it for everyone. Even my grandmother could feel the passion behind his lyrics. If you miss the message you miss the music.”

-Robert (Flex) Bennett (Platinum Bars)

“Cuban is an indomitable musical talent.- I can’t wait for more!”

-Rachel Michelle

“Absolutely one of the most original and well versed lyrics of 2016. “God” is one of the infectious tracks by far.”

-DJ Mike Mic (3y3 Radio)


Cuban Rain “Higher Power” interview




Cuban Rain

Email: info@cubanrain.com

Website: cubanrain.com


Yasah Entertainment

Email: info@yasahentertainment.com

Website: yasahentertainment.com